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Flexi Rods (7 Variations)

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12 Pc/Set Flexi Rods (7 Variations)

Create heatless, defined curls with this flexible foam roller Flexi Rods (7 Variations). The flexible iron within the foam allows you to bend and set the curls in place for long periods of times for a tighter curl pattern. It comes in 7 variations, both short (18cm) and long (25cm), to fit different hair lengths, curl patterns and style preferences.

*Results may vary based on hair type. Best suited for wavy and curly hair types.*


Begin with freshly shampooed and conditioned hair, to avoid build up that could weigh down your hair and hamper the end results. On damp hair, apply a curling cream or mousse, depending on your preference and hair type. This holds the hair in place, creating more defined curls or waves when dried. Next, detangle the hair to remove any unwanted knots to prep for the hair wrapping process.

Section the hair into smaller sections for tighter curls or medium sections for a more wavy look. Then, wrap it around the Flexi Rods starting from the roots. Curl according to your preference, in the direction towards your face or away from it. Once done, bend the ends of the Flexi Rod towards each other to secure it in place. If you have straight, silky, or layered hair, you may secure your ends with a rubber band or clip to avoid it from slipping.

Leave it on longer throughout the day to air-dry, diffuse or leave overnight for the best results. When removing the Flexi Rods, use a hair oil to reduce frizz to separate the sections and style it to your preference.

Here are some products we recommend for your Flexi Rods heatless curls routine!

  1. Vitality's WehO Curl Cream

  2. Adon Styling Mousse 250ml

  3. Detangler Magic Brush

  4. Adon Olive Oil

Note: Depending on your hair thickness, you may require around 20-40 Flexi Rods.

This item includes 12 pieces of Flexi Rods in each set.

Available in:

Long: 25cm (4 Sizes) | Weight: 145g

Colours/Diameter: Orange (1.5cm), Blue (1.3cm), Red (1.2cm), and Yellow (1.0cm)

Available in:

Short: 18cm (3 Sizes) | Weight: 95g

Colours/Diameter: Blue (1.3cm), Red (1.2cm), and Yellow (1.0cm)

Made in China

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