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Adon Clear 100ml - New

Adon Clear Stain Remover 100ml

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Adon Clear Tint Stain Remover 100ml.

  • Removes hair-dye stains and semi permanent colour stains from the face, neck, scalp and hands.
  • Will not remove colour from the hair
  • Can be used as a colour toner.

How to Use:

A) To remove hair dye stains on the scalp:
Squeeze a little ADON CLEAR Stain Remover onto a piece of absorbent cotton pad and rub gently. Can be used directly onto the scalp. CLEAR will not remove colour from the hair. CLEAR need not be washed off.

B) To remove stains from the hands:
Pour a little CLEAR on hands and scrub with a nail brush. Rinse hands thoroughly.

C) To remove Hairspray/Lacquer from hair:
Apply a small amount of CLEAR on the hair, gently comb through, leave for about 5 minutes than shampoo twice, rinsing well


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