Subtil Color Lab Color Dose Anti-Frizz Set - Red

SGD 18.00

Transforms your hair beauty mask into a repigmenting mask with Subtil Color Dose. Red enhances and gives shine to Red Tones in Dark Brown to Light Blonde natural, coloured or highlighted hair. Used in combination with the "Anti-Frizz" mask, it restores your hair's suppleness with unparalleled shine. Directions for use: 1) Wash hair without using conditioner or 2 in 1 / 3 in 1 shampoo, and towel dry. Use a large tooth comb to gently comb through hair. 2) Squeeze 1 packet (15ml) of Mask into bowl, add 5ml of Color Doze and mix well. 3) Wear gloves and carefully apply mixture on to hair. 4) Leave for 5 min. 5) Rinse and style as usual. Lasts for 4 - 8 shampoos. NOTE: DO NOT MIX COLOR DOSE TO SHAMPOO OR HAIR DYE Available in 5 shades.