Subtil Color Lab Color Dose Anti Frizz Set - Anti-Red Ash

SGD 18.00

Transforms your hair beauty mask into a repigmenting mask with Subtil Color Dose. Anti-Red Ash enhances Ash shades. Neutralises Orange and Coppery Highlights to create cool effect in in one step on natural, coloured or highlighted hair. Used in combination with the "Anti-Frizz" mask, it restores your hair's suppleness with unparalleled shine. Directions for use: 1) Wash hair without using conditioner or 2 in 1 / 3 in 1 shampoo, and towel dry. Use a large tooth comb to gently comb through hair. 2) Squeeze 1 packet (15ml) of Mask into bowl, add 5ml of Color Doze and mix well. 3) Wear gloves and carefully apply mixture on to hair. 4) Leave for 5 min. 5) Rinse and style as usual. Lasts for 4 - 8 shampoos. NOTE: DO NOT MIX COLOR DOSE TO SHAMPOO OR HAIR DYE Available in 5 shades.